ABB Symphony Plus System Backup and Restore

At this moment, S+ supports a full backup of the files (only on 32 bits systems), databases and of the registry entries. In the next release a tool will be avalaible (Acronis based) that will provide all the backup functions needed, and also the One Shot Backup option.
In order to make a full backup of all the registry entries in the system, please access SystemSetup tool, click on Tools and select Save Configuration.
ABB Symphony Plus System Backup and Restore
The backup on the S+ Operation files is supported only on 32 bits systems.
To make a complete backup of all the databases in the system, the option Export will beused. You can find this option in the System Setup Tool, by selecting Build All from the left tree panel, and then the button Export. This option will export each database in its defaultpath (ex: node database, alarm list database, etc).
ABB Symphony Plus System Backup and Restore
To restore all the databases on an empty system, requires to copy each database in its default folder and afterwards the option Build All with the Initialize mark checked should be used.

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