ABB Symphony Plus System Architecture

System Overview

S+ is a versatile software package that allows various configurations, which can have a number of functions and a specific capability according to the client’s requests.
S+ important functions:
x Standalone, DCS or SCADA interface
x Full redundant and complex architectures support
x Operator HMI:
x Displays, trends, alarms management, tags summary, diagnostic
x Historian:
x Reports writer, trend groups, long term archive data
x Scanner drivers & Protocol Gateway
x OPC Server – Client & Data Publishing features
x Calculation Engine
x Web Server
The main features of S+ is the flexibility:
x Scalable Architecture: control system must maximize performance, minimize costs, and cater for future requirements of the plant. Industrial processes and methodologies are constantly changing, the successful plant control and monitoring system is one that adapts easily to these changes. The successful system must be easily revise as the task changes, and expandable as the task grows
x Centralized Processing: all operators have the same information
x Full Redundancy: increasing system reliability
x Easy Maintenance: only one computer has to be updated
when the plant con¿guration changes in order to maintain the plant data integrity

S+ Example of System architecture

S+ Example of System architecture
S+ Operation offer full integration with ABB DCS products and a wide range of protocols and drivers to interface field devices. Any not standard communication may be accomplished developing a new driver, using S+ API, running under the control of Scanner system.
The flexibility let you design the architecture of servers and clients in order to cover any specific customer request: from single server with all the functions on board, to standard redundant servers and set of clients; to complex architecture with front-end servers related to field data acquisition, main servers for the collections of all plant data, clients connection at main or front-end servers, historian for full historical data management for long term period and values presentation into different format (trend, reports, etc…), web server for all plant information remotely viewing and control to data export to foreign database.

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