DataDesigner Configuration Software Version 5.2.0

DataDesigner Configuration Software Version 5.2.0

Download Link DataDesigner_5_20 Introduction DataDesigner 5.2.0 supports configuration of the Datapanel models 30/35, 50/55, 40/45, 60/65, 85, 150, 160, and 240E. Support for new hardware versions of the 160 and 240E has been added in this release.The 5.2.0 release of the System Software runs in the same collection of Datapanels and is included with DataDesigner.DataDesigner […]


PacsAnalyzer V4.4

Download Link ————– PacsAnalyzer Version 4.4 Introduction ————– PacsAnalyzer is the preferred tool used to collect PLC Module Information, Fault tables, andStation Manager Ethernet Data. PacsAnalyzer is compatible with following CPUs: • All PACs CPUs (RX3i and RX7i) and RX3i ENIU. • RXi controller (ICRXICTL000) • RSTi-EP Controller (EPSCPE100/115) • Series 90-70 CPU’s • Series

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