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PacsAnalyzer Version 4.4


PacsAnalyzer is the preferred tool used to collect PLC Module Information, Fault tables, andStation Manager Ethernet Data.
PacsAnalyzer is compatible with following CPUs:
• All PACs CPUs (RX3i and RX7i) and RX3i ENIU.
• RXi controller (ICRXICTL000)
• RSTi-EP Controller (EPSCPE100/115)
• Series 90-70 CPU’s
• Series 90-30, including CPU374/372
• VersaMax modular PLC and Nano/Micro (Ethernet data collection not supported)
Ethernet and Serial connections are supported. The default connection to the PLC will be over Ethernet, but if user chooses to connect serially instead, ONLY module info/fault tables will be
collected. The station manager Ethernet data collection (ETM Analysis) will not be collected when the tool is executed over serial connection to the PLC CPU that supports serial connections.


Standalone application of PacsAnalyzer need Microsoft redistributable package(VC2013 redistributable).
Steps to install:
1. Redistributable package(VC 2013 Redistributable Package.rar) is provided with PacsAnalyzer.
2. Unzip the file (VC 2013 Redistributable Package.rar) and install the VC 2013 Redistributable(vcredist.exe) based on the OS version.

New Features

1.The CSV file shall be written to disk after each sample so that it may be viewed at any time to analyze samples to date and minimize the
chance of data loss in the event of an issue with the PC running PacsAnalyzer.
2.Saving of standard PACS Analyzer log before Trend begins.
3.Support added in command line options for Trend feature.
4.User warning will be prompted if there is any existing Trend data is available before the Trend start.
5.Removed PcTime stamp after every command when you run a normal PacsAnalyzer.
6.Warning message will be prompted if scan is greater than duration when starting Trend.
7.Output File is made to configurable when Trend is checked as this field is in use.
8.Support of ‘Config.xml’ is added to the Trend feature in command line. Config file is supported with only one controller at a time.
9.Changed the minimum Scan rate value to 5 secs.
10.New Commands added to Trend from commandline.
/start – Start trend (To start the trend – eg : /ip=”″ /scan=”5″ /duration=”5″ /out=”paclog.txt” /log=”trend.csv” /start )
/stop – Stop trend (For Individual IP Address – eg : /ip=”″ /stop )
/stopall – Stop all trends (To stop all running trends – eg : /stopall )
/livetrend – Show all the live trends (To display all the current running trends – eg: /livetrend)

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