Moxa Terminal Server – Typical Configuration for Experion PKS use

1. Introduction:

The purpose of this document is to describe typical Moxa Terminal Server configuration for Experion use.
No specific Moxa TS model have been qualified; any model should work:
Moxa Terminal Server
Note that Dual LAN Terminal Servers are not supported to use with Experion.
The recommended integration of TS on FTE network would be typically done through Level 2.5.

2. Typical Configuration:

In this section, we would be describing the typical configuration for an Experion channel:
Moxa Terminal Server

2.1 Moxa Serial Configuration:

Configure the desired serial configuration for each port.
Moxa Terminal Server

2.2 Moxa Operating Settings:

Typical configuration:
Moxa Terminal Server

2.3 Moxa Monitoring

Moxa Terminal Server

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