PLC Programming Practice-Hydraulic press machine

Scope of work

Hydraulic press machine
As shown in the above image, we have to press two LM bearings into the fork. Of Course we can go for a hammer or any mechanism, but customer needs these forks in huge numbers. So we provide him with a hydraulic press machine which will work effectively and save time as well as effort.

Hydraulic press machine

Hydraulic press machine

Input and Output devices list

Input devices Output devices
  1. POKA YOKE sensor
Pump on
  1. Bearing present sensor
Hydraulic cyl UP sol coil
  1. Part present sensor
Hydraulic cyl DOWN sol coil
  1. Palm PB1
Operation complete lamp
  1. Palm PB2
  1. Emergency PB
  1. Auto/man selector switch
Safety light curtain SPARE

Hardware and software details
PLC – AB micrologix 1400
HM I- Panelview
PLC & HMI communication – Ethernet
Pump Motor contro l- Hardwired (via contactor)


● Keep the fork on the fixture properly, (part present sensor detects the fork).
● Take a LM bearing, sense it to the POKA YOKE sensor and then attach it below the hydraulic ram, (bearing present sensor detects the bearing).
● When the machine is in auto mode and there is no fault, a machine should start after pressing both palm PBs simultaneously. Switch on the cylinder DOWN solenoid coil for 5 sec, after completion of 5 sec, switch on the cylinder UP solenoid coil.
● Take another LM bearing, sense it to the POKA YOKE sensor, attach it to the ram, and press both palm PBs simultaneously. A lamp must glow after the completion of the cycle.
● If someone tries to interrupt machine operation (light curtain gives signal) a machine must stop immediately.
● A POKA YOKE sensor operation cannot be bypassed.
Hydraulic press machine

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